Enhanced learning

Learning is enhanced through the use of technology, wherever it is appropriate and beneficial to the learner.

Related objectives

Leadership and management

  • Vision and commitment

    Senior leaders have a clear vision and commitment to using digital technologies and digital channels to enhance learning and skills.

Curriculum delivery and assessment

  • Digital delivery

    Appropriate digital technologies are used to enhance learning delivery, support assessment, and help staff respond to learners’ individual preferences, attitudes and abilities.

Widening participation and learner support

  • Overcoming barriers Shared objective

    Digital learning techniques, resources and diagnostic methods are used creatively to help overcome barriers to learner participation and success.

Employer and community engagement

  • Consultation and partnerships Shared objective

    Learning providers maintain their awareness of relevant industry practices, and of current and emerging digital skills requirements, through consultation and partnerships with employers and communities.

Staff development

  • Reflective practice

    Teaching staff are able to ensure that their use of learning technologies adds value to learners’ experiences through reflective practice.

Enterprise systems and infrastructure

  • Learner experience

    Learner experiences are enhanced through high quality, engaging and accessible digital platforms, tools and services.