Continual improvement

Continual improvement of the learner experience and business processes is supported through effective and innovative use of digital technology.

Related objectives

Leadership and management

  • Evaluation and enhancement

    The appropriate use of digital technologies assists the organisation to evaluate and enhance the learner experience and related business processes (such as learner admissions, data management and reporting).

Curriculum delivery and assessment

  • Innovative approaches

    Staff are empowered to explore experimental and innovative approaches to digital learning, to evaluate and reflect on the outcomes, and to share good practice and lessons learnt.

Widening participation and learner support

  • Ensuring accessibility

    Potential new learning platforms, tools and resources are assessed to ensure their accessibility and ease of use, taking into consideration bilingual needs.

Employer and community engagement

  • Involving learners

    Learners are actively involved in evaluating the effectiveness of digital learning, and in designing and implementing improvements.

Staff development

  • Champions

    Digital innovators or ‘champions’ support the dissemination of best practice through coaching and mentoring colleagues.

Enterprise systems and infrastructure

  • Consultation and evaluation

    Decisions on new digital systems and tools are informed by consultation with staff, learners and other users, and evaluated post-implementation to ensure that user needs are being met.