Coherence and accessibility

The coherence and accessibility of digital learning is increased through a range of curriculum delivery methods that are appropriate to learner and employer needs, and offer learning opportunities in both the Welsh and English languages.

Related objectives

Leadership and management

  • Digital organisation

    Appropriate processes, networks and channels are in place to facilitate and support the sharing of good practice relating to digital technologies and digital skills.

Curriculum delivery and assessment

  • Inclusive practice

    Inclusive tools, technologies and systems are used appropriately to engage, support, stretch and challenge learners.

Widening participation and learner support

  • Maximising potential

    Learners of all backgrounds and abilities can maximise their potential through the use of digital technology to increase flexibility and support independent learning.

Employer and community engagement

  • Welsh language

    Learning providers consider relevant opportunities for learners to use, improve, and gain confidence in using Welsh language skills when designing and implementing new digital technologies.

Staff development

  • Learning opportunities

    Access to appropriate professional learning opportunities develop staff confidence in the use of digital delivery techniques, and ability to identify suitable technologies, tools and devices to support their work.

Enterprise systems and infrastructure

  • Consultation and evaluation Shared objective

    Decisions on new digital systems and tools are informed by consultation with staff, learners and other users, and evaluated post-implementation to ensure that user needs are being met.