What do we think digital delivery will look like in five years time?

Meet Harry

Harry is 15 and wants to become a builder. He hopes to become an apprentice and to own and run his own business one day.

Harry is very confident and able in practical terms but knows that he needs to be “digitally savvy” in order to succeed in the workplace and as an employer.

So, what would Harry expect in 2030?

In 2018 only 50% of FE students thought digital skills were important for their chosen career and only 41% felt that their course prepared them for the digital workplace.

Harry expects to access the latest, industry standard software so that his learning is current and relevant.

He expects his teachers, tutors and instructors to be able to use digital systems competently so that he can readily access high quality, engaging learning materials.

Harry expects to be able to use digital technology to collaborate with other prospective trades people so that they can learn from and support each other. He doesn’t mind if this is a VLE or other collaborative application, so long as it is safe, and it works.